The Team

The builders that work for Gardien Construction are its most valuable assets. Each builder brings his own speciality skill-set and a wealth of experience to building projects. When combined with a strong work ethic and a talent and passion for doing the very best they can, this group of individuals becomes a formidable team.

Taking on one project at a time means the team can be focused on one client at a time. This singular focus is how Gardien Construction provides a top-notch level of professionalism & a high degree of success on their projects.

Rob Gardien (LBP)
Rob is the owner of the company. With 35 years experience in the industry, he is proud to have built his company's reputation on solid building techniques, hard work and a large dose of humour. He has every confidence in the skills and abilities of his crew because he has personally mentored all of them. Rob's strength is his ability to build relationships and rapport with clients and contractors alike. He is 100% client focused, making sure that clients are happy with every aspect of the job as it progresses and, most importantly, that they continue to be happy long after the project has been completed.

Justin Gardien (LBP)
Justin is Rob's right-hand man. He is a qualified builder with 10 year's experience in the industry. Justin's strength is his ability to think outside the square. There comes a time on every project when the vision looks like it's about to over-reach the physical limits of construction. Justin's talent is to be able to work with clients, architects, designers and sub-contractors to think through the challenge and come up with a solution that is technically sound and aesthetically satisfying. With a passion for the detail required to finish a project and a natural inclination to run a clean, organised site, Justin is always Rob's first choice to manage his projects.

Ben Bersma (Qualified Builder)
How good is Ben? Good enough to be named as Auckland's 2012 Registered Master Builders Apprentice. Ben is a huge asset on site either as a team player, leading by example, or as a methodical solo worker. He consistently works to improve his skill set, studying plans after hours to ensure he knows a project in its entirety. Ben is more than capable of running his own project site as he has the maturity to communicate clearly with clients and contractors. He is a well-respected and extremely talented member of the team.

Jeff Behnke (Qualified Builder)
Jeff is an integral part of the team. Qualified as a Carpenter in the UK, he has since moved to New Zealand and finely tuned his skills with us. Jeff has the ability to work solo on his own projects, though loves to work in a great team environment. He is proud to uphold the quality workmanship that Gardien Construction strives for.

Debra Gardien - Insideout Design
Rounding out the team, Debra works closely with both Gardien Construction clients and her own, to enhance their newly built or renovated homes. Bursting with personal experience and an exuberance for life, Debra's talent is to quickly understand the core desires of her clients and to turn their vision into reality. With contacts throughout the design, landscaping and art world, Debra works with her clients to make their dreams come true.