Insideout Homes

Debra Gardien is the creative mastermind behind Insideout Homes.

Tapping into her extensive collection of resources, Debra will go to extraordinary lengths to see a client's dream not only satisfied, but outshone. Whilst always mindful of a client's plan, Debra is not shy of having robust discussions to ensure that the best result is achieved.

And what is the 'best result'? Debra's response is that first and foremost, a home most function well. "All the great design in the world won't fix a home that doesn't work for the client," says Debra. "And interior design is not just about colour, tiles and carpet. It's the finer details, like the seamless flow to the outdoors, or great light and fabulous art. It's about problem-solving and pushing the client's boundaries. And it's all about the finishing touches."

Debra expands: "I know that when I start a project, I will be working with the client for years." This is because Debra's clients come to realise that a house is not finished when you move in ... in fact the process has just begun.  It is no coincidence that some of the most beautiful homes have taken years to achieve, layer after layer.

A reflection of Debra's commitment to each job is highlighted with Godden Crescent's recent Best Spatial Design 2013 Bronze Award. Debra worked closely with the clients, from selecting the architect, engaging all sub-contractors to 100% control over interiors, kitchen and bathroom designs, all internal specifications and fit out and finally furniture and art purchasing.

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