Do It Once and Do It Right

Gardien Construction is a family business. Made up of team of well-trained, experienced and highly motivated men, with a combined total of 60 years experience, we are second to none in the marketplace. Our construction knowledge and project management skills allow us to achieve our motto, 'DO IT ONCE AND DO IT RIGHT.' This motto is part of the everyday working psyche of each individual builder. We make sure our sub-contractors work to this standard as well. We are everything you could want from a first-rate building company.

Gardien Construction is focused on bringing a new league of professionalism to the industry. Our process for operating our building projects is both thorough and tested, and enables us to provide a superior quality and service. We are committed to a project from the outset - from plans being drawn right through to our impeccable after-completion services. Each builder is proud to be a professional representative of Gardien Construction and understands the importance of keeping the project site organised, clean and secure throughout the construction process.

Gardien Construction is a thriving business because of our formidable team. Our reputation is spread via our network of clients and contractors and enables us to succeed in an industry that we are passionate about. We have experienced a huge diversity in past projects, building many high-end homes as well as complex renovations. Whatever the project, whatever the size - we will run it to your complete satisfaction, to schedule and to budget.

Gardien Construction is committed to fulfilling all Department of Building & Housing requirements and currently has two Licensed Building Practitioners (LBPs) within the team.